The United Airlines Sailing Club is coming about!

The United Airlines Sailing Club

It's nearly 5 o'clock somewhere!

It’s time to dust off the deck shoes and brush up on your bowline knot. 

The weather is always warming and the United Airlines Sailing Club is beginning to stir once again. So keep your eyes wide and the Southern Cross on your left. Soon the doldrums will pass, and the sun will rise. And if the dawn is almost here that also means it’s nearly 5 o’clock somewhere.Zoom over to our News section quick to get the latest info. Then check out the tabs linking to our different pages and get yourself involved!Click the About tab to get a brief explanation of our ethos, use the drop-down menu on the Get Involved tab to check out any upcoming events and use the club’s Forum, and if you haven’t done so already head on over to our Join Us tab to get involved!

So take a stroll through the website and become familiar. Look for postings of up-coming events, contact at your discretion, and log on to Facebook.We’re happy to have you aboard!–UASC

The United Airlines Sailing Club is a social organization composed of United Airlines employees. 

We all have a passion for sailing, boating and just plain being on the water. The club is open to any associate, whether they own their own sailboat, occasionally rent one, or are just getting their feet wet in the sailing world (hopefully only a metaphor).Our love for sailing, combined with travel, offers up so many options throughout the year that we might be planning out our sick days ahead of time. It doesn’t take a telescope to see where we’re heading…

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